- Monied interests have corrupted our democratic process

- Corporations were originally intended to serve the community, and were allowed to organize and own property ONLY for the purposes of specific projects that would end, like building a bridge, but limited dramatically in their scope to prevent them from becoming too powerful.

- To prevent monied interests from taking over our government, the 1917 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention put in place the Initiative & Referendum process (I&R), referred to as "the petition process".

- The I & R Amendment's purpose was to give a voice to the people, who felt their elected officials were not representing their views.

- Corporate power is increasingly dominating our democratic process, and we believe that this was not what was intended by the framers of the constitution

- We have been urging Legislators to "do something" to make sure that corporations do not dominate our government

- We have the right to petition to alter government here in Massachusetts

- Constitutional Legal Scholars have suggested that it will help us if we "clarify" the Massachusetts Constitution based on "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech".

- We are proceeding to do so via petition and through the Legislature. We'd be happy if the Legislature would do this for us. But we are not counting on it. Therefore we are proceeding with the petition process

- We got 10,000 certified signatures last year and built a statewide network of activists who are committed to this cause. We had 4 people at the beginning of the last petitioning period. And we are going into this year's petitioning period with over 85 people committed to gathering signatures.

- We hope you will join us, petitioning will start in the fall, training will start this summer, and organizing has already begun
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