Posters & Hand Outs

HANDOUTS FOR THE 2018 BALLOT INITIATIVE will be posted soon!

See below for the flyers from 2017 which will be almost the same for 2018.

(to bring along with you while you petition):

NEW Quarter Page FLYER for 2017

The actual language of the petition

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Reducing Out-of-State Donations 2017

3 page Casual Petitioner's Guide for 2017

More Detailed Petitioners' Quick-Start Guide for 2017for people who may want to gather signatures from the general public themselves.

Voter Registration Forms or you can tell people interested in registering about this way to register online

FOR OUR STATEHOUSE/Supreme Judicial Court work:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Amendment 2017

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Dark Money 2017