Suggestions on where to petition:

(also see the link to the calendar on the right, where team members are listing their target locations)

Bottom Line:

- Anywhere huge crowds are gathering or people are streaming in and out of a building and/or waiting...are GREAT places to gather signatures!

  • - Supermarkets, especially WHOLE FOODS and TRADER JOES
  • - Festival/concert/ball game parking lots (see below for great links to event calendars)
  • - Libraries, especially at busy times, like Saturday afternoons
  • - Town Dump/Transfer Station, especially at busy times, like Saturdays
  • - Farmers Markets

- REGISTERED VOTERS go to the polls! So if there's an election in your region, and you want to gather signatures, head to the polls! Check the calendar link on the right, where we're going to list many regions with elections this fall.

EVENT LISTINGS FOR IDEAS on where to get huge crowds:
(if someone can help pull the ones that will draw the hugest crowds and give the cates/locations to Nancy for posting on the calendar, great)

The PassMassAmendment Calendar
(someone from PassMass may already be going to a busy spot that needs more people, or POST your spot! ask us how!) Massachusetts events
(Malcolm from told us that we can get 2 minutes at the mike at any gathering and can gather emails and signatures at any of their events during the 8 week period. While these gatherings may be relatively small 100 or less people, they will all sign. Please let us know if you are going to one, we probably don't need more than one or two people at any of these events.)

Massachusetts FestivalNet
Festivals can be HUGE places to gather signs. While you can gather sigs anywhere you want, we recommend concerts with artists who are progressive thinkers. We'll be posting the huge concerts at Mansfield that we'll want large teams canvassing.
Lowell Sun Event Listings