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You are invited to our next monthly meeting: Saturday, June 10th at 1:30 at the Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge. We meet every second Saturday of the month.

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We’re moving forward! What’s the next step?

We need your help get H.63 on the agenda of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention (ConCon), which takes place on June 14th. (That’s not long from now, folks!)

Please contact Senate President Rosenberg and Speaker of the House DeLeo, and tell them you want H.63 on the ConCon’s agenda. Then, contact your state legislators and ask them to advocate for H.63’s place on the agenda as well!

Write, call and/or email your lawmakers ASAP and tell them why you support H.63.

Let them know that amending the Mass. Constitution to clarify that "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech" is a vital step in curbing the corrupting influence of Big Money on our democracy as it steals our democratic system from its true owners: the citizens of this Commonwealth and of our country.

Please give your message a personal touch if you’re so willing, e.g. about a cause you care about that is being thwarted due to Big Money’s influence!