How can you help?

Here's how YOU can help GET BIG MONEY OUT!

There is always some way to help! In the spring, we are usually focused on filing and advocating for and educating about Legislative Bills at the Statehouse and around the state with Legislators and Constituents. In the summer, we start organizing to petition in the fall. Please contact us to see what we are doing this month.

Here are our TALKING POINTS (good stuff to know when you're talking about PassMass)

Here are some specific ways to help:

  • PETITIONING (in the fall)! Gathering signatures is how we can get this done ourselves! And even if we don't get enough signatures to get the question on the ballot, by gathering signatures, we pressure the Legislature to ACT!

  • ASK YOUR STATE REP (all year around) to "endorse" and/or support the PassMassAmendment Bills and/or COME TO THE STATE HOUSE to help us spread the word!

  • GET US ON THE AGENDA of YOUR COMMUNITY GROUP, and let us know when!

  • ASK YOUR CIVIC GROUP (all year around) to help! Are you part of the UU Church? local Democratic Town Committee? League of Women Voters? These groups want to help, but we need YOU to stand up and ask them to put PassMassAmendment on the agenda. Leaders need to know how many people care about an issue before they will put a priority on it. Please LET THEM KNOW you care about using the STATE Constitution to get BIG MONEY OUT!

  • ORGANIZE IN YOUR REGION. We need help organizing EACH TOWN around the state. Can you be a point of contact in your town? Can you gather up a few people to help? Can you get us on the agenda of your local civic group? Host a meeting? Be a "Town Coordinator"? If so, please let us know!

  • GATHER SIGNATURES: We hope you will help gather signatures this next year. We can only gather signatures IN THE FALL. So please plan to carve out some time to help. As a reminder, this is a REAL BINDING petition folks!...NOT an online advocacy petition campaign! ONLY signatures of REGISTERED VOTERS on the OFFICIAL PETITION "count".

WITH YOUR HELP, we'll get BIG MONEY OUT of politics!
We are building a statewide NETWORK OF PETITIONERS, to defend democracy from destruction by monied interests.
Sign up here to help!

JOIN the "BATTLE OF OUR AGE" and commit a few hours of time over the next few weeks to do YOUR SHARE in this "last stand" for Democracy!

My goodness, let us count the ways!
IF YOU ARE TECHNICAL,please scroll to the bottom...
IF YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED PETITIONER, please contact us right away...
IF YOU CAN SPARE clipboards or pens or other office supplies, please email:


Please either fill out this handy form, or look below for ideas on how to help...

(see links to the right!)


- liking us on Facebook!
- sending out a tweet with our Facebook page
- call or send a letter requesting your State Reps/Senator to endorse PassMassAmendment. Here is a sample endorsement request.
- ask you community group to endrse us.
- or just forward the Facebook link to your friends/lists
- hand out flyers ANYWHERE, with these handy flyers to print out
- POST FLYERS at cafes and bulletin boards ALL OVER! (see links at right)

If you have MORE TIME:

- like talking to people? please help petition...

...this involves standing outside and talking to people about why we're doing this and asking for their signature. This is really fun! And we NEED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, to petition in teams or alone, in the city, in the the malls, at the ballpark, at the festival, you name it... We'll need 20-30 people/day petitioning to get 1,500 signatures/day. If you can give the effort an hour or 2 or 10, please help.

- have a car? be a currier!...

... this involves driving petition sheets and other supplies around to the petitioning teams and other logistical type things
--- DO YOU DRIVE FROM ONE CITY TO ANOTHER EACH DAY? We need people to drive petition docs to/from petition teams

If you have a LOT OF TIME:

- please help us petition

- please get others in your region to help petition

- good at organizing?

excellent... please contact us for details. we need people who are self-motivated to do things from home and onsite

- are you a blogger? are you good at getting media? are you a whiz at social media? oh yay...lot's to do... you probably know better than us... please contact us...

ARE YOU A TECH? or have some technical experience?

- we need someone who can create google forms or some other kind of online forms
- we need someone who can set up a free forum
Here is our "handy" form for checking off what things you want to help us with

Or just give us a jingle or write to us...


info "at"
Terra Friedrichs
terraf "at" compuserve dot com
978 808 7173
Terra Friedrichs, terraf "at" compuserve dot com, 978 808 7173 (petitioning team coordination, press/media, etc) Acton/MetroWest
Nick Bokron, nbokron "at" gmail, 781 715 7822 (finance, legal, administration, etc) (Nahant/NorthShore)